Promoting your Nutshells video

Once you’ve got your video link, you can begin adding it to your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and your presence on other career sites. We’ve outlined the steps to make promoting your Nutshells video as easy as pecan pie.

Adding a link to your resume

An obvious place to promote a video that complements your resume.

Step One – Open your resume

Step Two – Decide where you want to add the link

Step Three – Add your link text

Step Four – Highlight the text, select “Insert” then “Link”.

Step Five – Paste the hyperlink into the “Address” field and click “OK”.

Step Six – Verify the link is working within the document.

Ta-da! You’ve just added depth to your resume.


Adding a link to your LinkedIn profile

Another great place to promote your Nutshells video is on your LinkedIn profile. The popular professional networking service allows users to add media to their profiles, including images, slide shows, and videos. Follow the steps below to add video to your profile.

Step One – Log into your LinkedIn account

Step Two – Click on the “Edit” icon (pencil) to make adjustments to your profile

Step Three – Scroll down to the “Media” section, and click the “Link” button

Step Four – Paste your Nutshells link in the dialogue box, then click “Add”

Step Five – Add a title and description for your video (this is optional)

Step Six – Once you’re happy with the way things look, click “Save”

Step Seven – Take another look at your profile to make sure it published properly

There you have it! Heck, you probably didn’t even need all seven steps.