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Luke Skywalker’s resume

“Mister Skywalker, can you explain the gap between your tenure as a General in the Rebel Alliance and when you launched the Jedi Temple on Coruscant? And while your accomplishments as a Lieutenant Commander are impressive, is it true you received the promotion from your sister?” Clearly, this is a silly example of the limitations […]

Up your LinkedIn game with a personal branding video

With more than 530 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has become the de-facto platform for networking and getting the latest news from thought leaders, companies, and professional interest groups. Recruiters also see LinkedIn as an invaluable tool as it gives them access to talent for openings they’re looking to fill. Because of this, it’s important to […]

Resumes are for robots

OK, that may be a bit dramatic. Resumes play an integral role in matching employee talent with organizational need. But technology has radically changed the way resumes are written and “read”. Driven by efficiency, companies use artificial intelligence to surface resumes that possess specific keywords and phrases. Because of this, we tailor our resume content […]

Check out the new Nutshells video resume templates

When brainstorming ideas for new Nutshells video resume templates, we were inspired by things that make us happy, word games and the outdoors (our Game of Thrones and Belgian chocolates templates are coming soon). So we happily introduce “Word Up” and “Au Natural” to The Nutshells family. If you’re like us, you daydream about triple […]

Happily ever after — how to tell your best story

The art of storytelling has received a lot of attention recently. And while most of us know great stories when we hear them, when asked to tell our own, we often get stuck after “Once upon a time…” Persuasive storytelling begins with identifying the action you want your audience to take, the feeling you want […]

You are more than a product

You are a product. As cold and unappealing as that sounds it’s true. Of course employers see you as a person too, but they look at you as someone who produces “benefits” for their company. When recruiters read your resume, they’re assessing your ability to deliver these benefits the same way a consumer would consider […]

Video is worth 1.8 million words

“Video is worth 1.8 million words.” Almost a decade ago communications expert and Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey proposed that provocative valuation backed by a simple equation: 1,800,000 words = (a picture is worth 1,000 words) x (video at 30 frames per second) x (60 seconds in a minute) The idea behind McQuivey’s proclamation was […]