You were born to run

It took J.K. Rowling five years to complete Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first installment of arguably the most beloved fiction of its generation. Bruce Springsteen toiled over lyrical edits to the freedom anthem Born to Run for over six months. Creating something that reflects who you are can take time, and is […]

Happily ever after — how to tell your best story

The art of storytelling has received a lot of attention recently. And while most of us know great stories when we hear them, when asked to tell our own, we often get stuck after “Once upon a time…” Persuasive storytelling begins with identifying the action you want your audience to take, the feeling you want […]

You are more than a product

You are a product. As cold and unappealing as that sounds it’s true. Of course employers see you as a person too, but they look at you as someone who produces “benefits” for their company. When recruiters read your resume, they’re assessing your ability to deliver these benefits the same way a consumer would consider […]

Video is worth 1.8 million words

“Video is worth 1.8 million words.” Almost a decade ago communications expert and Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey proposed that provocative valuation backed by a simple equation: 1,800,000 words = (a picture is worth 1,000 words) x (video at 30 frames per second) x (60 seconds in a minute) The idea behind McQuivey’s proclamation was […]

What story are recruiters hearing?

Six seconds. A few years ago a study came out stating recruiters spend – on average – six seconds with your resume. Now, that’s an average. If you pass the sniff test, you’ll certainly earn more attention. The point is, recruiters make quick decisions about whether you’re worth pursuing. If they see anything that gives […]