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Helping job seekers tell more engaging stories, one video at a time.

We’re not here to reinvent the resume. At least not before we finish lunch. As storytellers, we have seen the weakness in the traditional CV format to tell the stories that job seekers want to tell. Cover letters had a good run, but not all recruiters ask for them and even fewer read the ones they’re sent.

Enter video.

Video, both branded and user generated, has exploded in the volume produced and consumed. So why not use this powerful – and popular – medium to help tell your story to your next employer. Highlight what you want. Promote your accomplishments more visually. Show off your personality. Go beyond the resume to tell a story that’s both unique and memorable.

We know the storytelling isn’t everyone’s bag. So we’ve structured The Nutshells video templates to bring your resume to life, just pick out your design style and music, add some descriptions here and there, and create. In no time you can start promoting your video on your resume, LinkedIn, and other career services.

Want to make changes to your video? No problem. Just log in, send us a note with your changes and we’ll update your video. No need to start from scratch unless you want to.

Now that you know about The Nutshells, let’s tell employers about you.

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