Don’t wait until next year. Get cracking on those resolutions today.

Don't wait until next year. Get cracking on those resolutions today.

The holiday season brings with it the close of the current year and the promise and possibilities of the next. It’s a time for reflection and resolutions for self-improvement. Eat more veggies. Read more. Volunteer. Learn to play guitar. Call mom.

While a spankin’ new calendar provides a clear starting point for your best intentions, it’s also an artificial reprieve from taking action today.

Add “career management” to the list. Unless your hobbies include “resume versioning” and “LinkedIn optimization” you’re likely among the masses who only think about such things when a job change is imminent.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But effective marketing includes proactive outreach with steps to ensure potential customers can discover you. If you delay adding recent roles, accomplishments, and certifications to your resume and LinkedIn profile, you may appear in fewer recruiter search results, as well as presenting an outdated version of yourself.

If writing professional summary statements and highlight bullets doesn’t energize you (don’t worry, you’re human), break these tasks into smaller pieces and tackle them over time. This way, the process won’t seem so big and arduous. And set reminders to review and make necessary updates throughout the year. Even if you’re not looking to make a move today, interest from other companies could serve you well.

Make your LinkedIn profile stand out with a free video resume from The Nutshells. In no time, we’ll help you tell your best story through sight and sound, and help you add it to your profile. Your Nutshells video will help recruiters understand who you are, the value you bring, and why they should bring you on-board.

Now what are you waiting for? Let’s get to making that video resume. But first, be sure to call mom.

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