Luke Skywalker’s resume

luke skywalker's resume

“Mister Skywalker, can you explain the gap between your tenure as a General in the Rebel Alliance and when you launched the Jedi Temple on Coruscant?

And while your accomplishments as a Lieutenant Commander are impressive, is it true you received the promotion from your sister?”

Clearly, this is a silly example of the limitations of a resume. A true Jedi would simply respond with a mind trick resulting in an offer PLUS a signing bonus.

The point is, without deft storytelling it may not be clear how you went from being a moisture farmer on Tatooine to starting your own Jedi academy. And impressive line items on your resume like your apprenticeship with Master Yoda might get lost amidst a slew of other bullet points.

Few people have personal stories that rival Luke’s journey through intergalactic conflict. And even fewer have legends like George Lucas to help bring it to life. But with a little effort, you can connect the dots between jobs and highlight themes that showcase your abilities and triumphs that make you the right candidate for the role. Doing this proactively helps you better control the flow of an interview by establishing your narrative.

Video resumes from The Nutshells can help. Our free templates enable you to tell the story of who you are, what you can do, and your biggest accomplishments with personality and flair that a traditional resume can’t. And we pull it together with music and visuals that will make George Lucas proud. Then add your video to your LinkedIn profile and your applications to stand out from other candidates.

So take a few moments to craft your epic story with a Nutshells video resume… and may The Force be with you. A Jedi like you had to know that was coming, right?

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