What do you have in common with shampoo? Positioning can help market you too.


Positioning has been a building block of successful marketing since Trout and Ries promoted the strategy nearly 50 years ago.

The idea is simple. Establish a position in the minds of consumers relative to how your product or service is differentiated from your competitors, thereby making your offering more memorable and the “owner” of those consumer benefits.

And while finding a match between things that your product excels at and what your target audience cares about isn’t always easy, the standard structure of an effective positioning statement is fairly straightforward:

For [target audience], [brand name] is the [category of product] that delivers [brand promise] because only [brand name] is [reason to believe].

Many of us know how to use positioning to market brands and products, but not enough leverage its power to distinguish us from other job seekers.

Let’s see how a software quality assurance professional might use the framework:

For B2B companies looking for software testing expertise, I am a talented QA Lead who creates dynamic test plans that bring better products to market more quickly, with over 10 years in enterprise software development.

In one sentence she explains what she can do, the value she brings to a specific type of company, and why you should consider her over other candidates.

Easy enough, right?

The beauty of a positioning statement is that it can be used as your “elevator pitch”, a great response to the dreaded “tell me a little about yourself”, or the core of an introduction email.

So, grab a cup of coffee, think about what sets you apart, and put it in writing. You’ll be amazed at how well a clear positioning statement helps people “get you” and why they need to hire you.

Then put your shiny new positioning statement to work in a Nutshells video resume, where we take your story further, showing off your skills, your successes, and your personality. It’s easy, free, and another great way to brand yourself.

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