This is no time to be humble


Early on, my parents ingrained in me the importance of being humble. Don’t seek the limelight. Promote others’ value and contributions above your own. If you’ve done something worthy of recognition, accolades will eventually come.

While those tenets of character have helped me build lasting relationships in and outside of the workplace, I came to the realization that my aversion to self-promotion could hinder my career growth.

Brace yourself for a truckload of the obvious:  the job market is hyper-competitive and there’s no shortage of self-promoters.

When applying for a role, you’re likely competing with candidates who also possess a lot of great experience. This alone can make it extremely challenging to stand out, and nearly impossible if you take an understated approach.

When you’re looking for a job, or a better job, it’s no time to be humble.

Be your own publicist, evangelist, or cheerleader — whatever you need to call it to make yourself comfortable promoting your value — within your current company, your professional network, and most definitely in the interview process.

Tell bold stories of your accomplishments and abilities. Proudly share what you’ve done and what you are confident you can do for them. Recruiters and hiring managers want to know why you are uniquely qualified and the best candidate for the role. Make it easy for them to choose you.

It may feel unnatural at first, but the more you embrace this spirit of promotion, the easier it will come. And when you’re trying to stand out from the stack of resumes in front of your target company, you need every advantage you can get.

At The Nutshells, we’ve created free video resume templates that help you tell your best story — who you are, what you can do for an organization, specific skills and accomplishments, topped off by professional recommendations. You tell us why you’re great, and we’ll create a video that makes you look great.

So stop being humble, at least during your job search, and embrace this opportunity to promote the best candidate for the job, you.

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