Will recruiters spot your biggest accomplishments?


You’re great at what you do. Heck, you probably have awards and achievements to prove it. The year you earned “top teacher” in your school district. Or the time you changed a business process that saved your company six figures. Or when the innovative ad campaign you led was acknowledged for creative excellence.

But what if those accomplishments happened a few years or a couple of jobs ago? What if they get lost in the chronological order of your resume? Perhaps while scanning your resume, a recruiter glosses over the bullet point you’re most proud of?


Trouble is, you can’t bold everything. Nor do you always have the ability to tell stories out of order, even when the best parts come in earlier chapters. That’s a challenge with traditional resumes. Their very structure places greater value on what you’ve done recently potentially understating experience that may appear further down the page. And while bullets make resumes easier to read, they can effectively “flatten” the importance of your list of accomplishments, making all bullets seem of equal value.

A video resume from The Nutshells lets you tell the story you want to tell, breaking free from the linear conventions of a traditional resume. Highlight specific accomplishments with images and referrals. List your combined years of experience in key functional areas. Leave recruiters with a stronger impression of who you are and the impact you can make.

Create your Nutshells video resume for free and ensure recruiters see you at your best.

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