Resumes are for robots


OK, that may be a bit dramatic. Resumes play an integral role in matching employee talent with organizational need. But technology has radically changed the way resumes are written and “read”. Driven by efficiency, companies use artificial intelligence to surface resumes that possess specific keywords and phrases.

Because of this, we tailor our resume content to maximize match rates for the industries and roles we seek. In doing so, we run the risk of counter-productively making our resumes look and read like everyone else’s, when the goal should have been to stand out from other candidates.

But there’s a solution. Video resumes.

A video resume can complement your written resume to tell the story you want to tell. Sure, you’ll still want to be mindful to use words and phrases relevant to your industry, but video allows you freedom to make connections a resume can’t and go deeper in the areas you feel are most important. Above all, it allows you to be a human.

Video allows you to break from the standard chronological bullet point structure of resumes to show passion, pride, and personality. Visuals give depth to your accomplishments and the fluidity of the format allows you to be more conversational. And key to prospective employers, explicitly mention the value you’d bring to their organization.

Do you need to optimize for keywords? You bet. There’s no good way around that. But once you have the attention of a recruiter, show them something that differentiates you and makes them want to reach out to learn more. Show them your video resume from The Nutshells.

Open your free account and create your Nutshells video today.

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