Check out the new Nutshells video resume templates

New Nutshells video templates available

When brainstorming ideas for new Nutshells video resume templates, we were inspired by things that make us happy, word games and the outdoors (our Game of Thrones and Belgian chocolates templates are coming soon). So we happily introduce “Word Up” and “Au Natural” to The Nutshells family.

If you’re like us, you daydream about triple word scores and picturesque weekend hikes. These new designs provide a fun and vivid backdrop for your video. Same as our other templates, once you’ve chosen the look you want, we’ll guide you through the process of telling your best story – covering who you are, what you can do, and what makes you stand out. We even show you how easy it is to promote your Nutshells video on your LinkedIn profile.

Open an account with The Nutshells and create your free video resume today. We’ve found it’s just as satisfying as playing “QUIZZIFY” for 342 points.

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